Lower Limb Restoration

Along with special hand surgery and all its facets, the restoration of the lower limbs following an accident is one of the main areas of medical focus of the practice founder, Prof. Sauerbier. Serious road traffic accidents or work-related accidents commonly result in compound lower leg fractures. These types of injuries often cause soft tissue destruction, for example affecting skin, musculature, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. It is not uncommon for there also to be bone defects.

Within the scope of an interdisciplinary therapy concept, these types of injuries are primarily treated in cooperation with colleagues from specialist trauma departments. The task of the specialist field of plastic reconstructive surgery is often the preservation or restoration of the form and function of the extremity. Following the primary bone stabilisation, in these types of cases, it is not common for tissue grafts to be required to cover the functionally important structures. These can range from standard skin grafts to so-called pedicled flap transfers, to microsurgical tissue transplants aided by a surgical microscope. These techniques allow structures that may have been lost due to the accident, such as nerves, tendons, blood vessels, or even bones to be restored.

After reconstruction due to such serious injuries, patients undergo an intensive rehabilitation programme. During this time, Prof. Sauerbier guides their progress in the form of regular follow-up appointments.

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