Treatment for Pain and Arthrosis

At PROFESSOR SAUERBIER’s practice, musculoskeletal pain, muscular tension, and blood circulation problems are treated using nonsurgical alternatives or addative therapy using state-of-the-art, high-energy induction therapy with a 3-Tesla magnetic field (emFieldPro).

The emFieldPro generates a magnetic field of 3-Tesla, which is around 600 times stronger than a normal magnet. This strong magnetic field stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels. This application of energy causes physiological changes and/or stimulation that can have therapeutic effects. We provide static and mobile applicators and the possibility of using pre-programmed recommendations or creating and saving your own program, enabling emFieldPro to achieve optimal results.

High-energy induction therapy is used at our practice for the treatment of the following illness and stages:


• Arthritis affecting various joints
• Sprains (chronic and acute)
• Inflammation (chronic and acute)
• Tension-related back and neck pain (chronic and acute)
• Lumbago
• Myogelosis
• Shoulder problems (chronic and acute)
• Epicondylitis, known as tennis or golfer’s elbow (chronic and acute)
• Rhizarthrosis (arthritis affecting the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb)
• Fracture healing (supportive)
• Joint rheumatism
• Ganglia
• Postoperative nerve regeneration or supportive treatment of nerve irritation
• Knee pain (chronic and acute)
• Shoulder-arm syndrome
• Treatment of scar tissue

The 3-Tesla high-energy induction therapy often leads to:


• Rapid pain relief
• Elimination of the cause of the pain
• Influence on muscle tone
• Activation of regeneration processes
• Increased blood circulation in the tissue

At our practice, the therapy has proven itself to be highly effective in the treatment of various types of pain. The danger of toxicity, addiction, or complications, such as with chronic medication to reduce pain, does not exist.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment for treatment after first undergoing an examination with the identification of indications for treatment, if needed, by Prof. Dr. Dr. Sauerbier.
A session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Initially, 8-10 sessions are recommended.

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